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Founded in 1988, Credit Base (HK) LTD. has served over 12,000 clients, including government departments, listed companies, various industries, and individual debt collections, with a high success rate.

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Serving Our Clients with Our Legal Debt CollectionServices since 1988

Credit Base's “Receivable Management Service” is one of the most effective ways to collect both current and past-due accounts for businesses. It is designed to complement your existing cash recovery procedures and aims to improve your company's cash flow and ensure more profit.

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All accounts entrusted to Credit Base (HK) LTD. are immediately assigned a detailed debt collection plan. For each claim, the most appropriate collection strategy is formulated, including one or a combination of the following: demand letters, negotiation telephone calls, and professional, individual visits during the day and night to recover bad and overdue debts for our clients. We customize different debt collection plans according to the nature of the businesses and accounts, using multiple collection methods to pressure debtors and speed up the recovery of bad debts.

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Since our establishment in 1988, Credit Base (HK) LTD. has been a trusted debt collector by many, serving over 12,000 clients and successfully recovering bad debts for them. Regardless of the number or amount of debts, we can quickly help clients recover bad debts through entirely legal means. If you are facing bad debt issues, we recommend entrusting us with the collection as soon as possible to help you recover funds and utilize them better.

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Our professional credit consultants will carefully study your case details and design the most suitable collection plan to help you recover debts as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment to meet with our credit consultants today!

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