Accounts can be placed with Credit Base for immediate collection action. For each claim, the most appropriate collection strategy is formulated -- including one or a combination of the following: demand letters, telephone calls and professional, personalized day and night visits to debtors. We also act on our clients' behalf to institute legal proceedings against any debtor if necessary. Every effort is made by a team of well-trained professional collectors to collect your money while taking care to protect the reputation of your company.

From our experience, the longer the period of outstanding, the lower the opportunity of recovering the debt will be. Therefore, You should appoint a good reputation collection agency to help you this time. Simply supply to us your debt's information and other supporting documents, we will formulate the most appropriate collection strategy to recover your debt. All necessary collection activities are carried out by a team of professional, well-trained collectors while taking care the reputation of you and your company. For more details, please feel free to contact me again.

2.Credit Report

It is a vital brief but quick reference tool to access the financial strength and the past payment habits of any company. Native Reference report highlights changes in your customers payment habits and provides you with the early warning signals so essential to an effective management of your receivable. This service provide you to have information for company all over the world and the price depends on place.


(only service in Hong Kong)

The report prices are listed in terms of CB Units and each CB Unit costs HK$250.00. But the minimum charge is HK$2,500.00 per 10 CB units.