Debt Collection Procedure

1.Professional Telephone Calls

Telephone contacts are used for prompting a debtor for repayment. The purposes are to find out the main reasons of non-payment, classify the type of debtors, and then develop collection strategies.

2.Team Work Makes Perfect

"Debt Recovery Service" is the core business of Credit Base, all our collectors are professional, well-trained and familiar with debt collection laws. We can work under hardship with ability to persuade and motivate the debtors for repayment, Credit Base possesses an extensive database, wide information Channels and advanced equipment to locate the debtors. We strive to formulate the most appropriate collection strategy to recover your debts until debtors settle the Claims.

3.Personal Collection Visits

 The most effective way to put pressure on a debtor is to arrange day and night visits to the debtor's office, working place, and home. Personal visits serve as an intensified collection action to impose additional pressure on the debtor to elicit payment.

Debt Recovery Service Flow Chart


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