About Us

Since the Establishment of Credit Base (HK) Ltd. In 1988, it has become one of the Hong Kong's Largest Credit information and debt collection companies, gaining a reputation of providing high quality, professional services catering to financial, banking, manufacturing, servicing, and trading sectors.

The scope of our services includes:
1. Debt Recovery Service
2. Reference Report
3. Problem Account Record Scan
4. Key Account Monitoring System
5. Demand Letter
6. Legal Proceedings and Consultation Service

Successful Case

12000+ Clients

In the past, we successfully collected numerous past-due accounts for more than 12000 commercial institutes which included banks, public listed companies, manufacturing and import-export firms,H.K.S.A.R. Government Official Receiver's Office & appointed Liquidators. Some of these cases were handed to us after companies in debt were closed, of after formal litigation had failed to solicit repayment. With our expertise, we were able to collect these debts professionally and  legally.

Reference Report

Moreover, overdue debts problem of China enterprises have gone serious as the manufacturing industry is moving north to the mainland.

In light of the worsening situation, our company is delicates to providing one- stop- shop service. Through the legal and effective channels to find out the assets and trading references of the corporate and also the assets and the whereabouts of the legal person. Target on each particular case, formulate the most appropriate strategy in order to motivate debtors to face the reality and recover the debt soonest.