Experience (Since 1988)

The key element leading to Credit Base's rapid success is the quality of our professional services. Our "Debt Collection Service " has been especially accredited. In the Past, We have successfully collected numerous past-due accounts for 12000 commercial institutes (e.g. Financial, banking manufacturing, servicing, and trading sectors etc.) Some of these cases were handed to us after the companies in debt were closed, or formal litigation had failed to solicit repayment. With our expertise, we have been able to collect these debts in professional and legal ways.

Since 1988, our services areas have been extended to Macau, Mainland China, and other overseas countries.   

Credit Base's Recovery Rate Analysis

Our experience reveals that the earlier a client place an account to us, the greater chance Credit Base can recover the debt.

Credit Base's Debt Recovery Service

Credit base's Receivable Management Service is one of the most effective ways to collect current and past-due accounts. It is designed to complement your existing cash recovery procedures and aimed at improving your company cash flow as well as profit In business, no debts are too small to collect. Credit Base can act on your behalf to recover the debt shortly.

Credit Base has long recognized that only collecting in professional way would be the best protection of a company's image and reputation. All collection activities are carried out in legal and business-like manners in order to ensure your relationship with clients are not strained.

Our Collection services are available with a moderate annual membership fee. Additional commission will only be charged on successful collection.

How our clients Can Benefit form our "Debt Collection Service":

  • Shorten the collection period of your Account Receivables
  • Lower your doubtful debt ratio
  • Save your money and man-power
  • Increase your cash flow ratio
  • Protect your profit