How Credit Base helps you making sound business decisions and reducing risk

Professional decision makers utilize business information to reduce business risk when:

  • Reviewing customer's background
  • Approving a credit  account
  • Preventing the occurrence of bad debts

1. Reference Report

Credit Base's reference report is a brief, vital and quick tool to assess the financial strength and past payment pattern of a company. 

   For Limited Company

It provides the latest annual return of the company 's statutory information: company name, registered address, date of incorporation, authorized and paid-up capital, details of directors and shareholders, mortgages, charges, and negative public records. 

   For Unlimited Company

It provides updated information of the company: company name, registered address, date of establishment, name and address of proprietor or partners, nature of business, other business activities, and negative public records.


2. Problem Account Record Scan

Customer may have access to Credit Base's data base to check the negative public records of a particular person or company. It shows whether a person or company is involved in any Civil claim as Defendant, winding-up petition, or bankruptcy petition. It can Highlight the doubtful accounts in your customer portfolio and provided you with an early warning signal. 

3. Key Account Monitoring System

This is an innovative service which provides you with a monitoring service for each "Special Account" that you nominate. We Will help you monitoring those “Special Accounts” for a period oftwelve months. Whenever any of these accounts are placed against for collection by our clients or are sued by other parties in court, we will inform you immediately. 

4. Demand Letter

Credit Base's demand letter is straight-forward, firm, tactful, and in a business manner. It is effective to Encourage the debtor to pay while maintaining good business relationship at the preliminary stage.